July 2016


 SAC is proud to announce that is has finished its activities in connection with the BACID initiative supported by the Austrian Development Agency and the Austrian Association of Cities and Towns.


 SA Consulting GmbH in cooperation with the Regional Creative Industries Cluster of Vojvodina and with the Regional Agency for Development Alma Mons organized a three-day event on the topic: “Equal Opportunities - Gender Equality; SME Business Support for Women in Serbia”. The event was carried out in the period from 4. to 6. of July, 2016 and took place in Novi Sad. In total the event had more than 40 participants.


Introduction speeches at the beginning of the event have been given by Tatjana Kalecic, CEO of Serbai Start-Up, Milica Vracaric, CEO of Alma Mons, Mr. Fabian Gems, Deputy Trade Comissioner of the Austrian Trade Delegation in Belgrade and Mr. Gerhard Sabathiel from SA Group.


The event was organised in the way of a mixture of lessions and discussions on the one hand and work on concrete business ideas of the participants on the other. The presentation material covered the following topics and is attached to this announcement:


-      Keynote Starting Up your Business

-      SME Business Development Introduction

-      SME Financing Introduction

-      SME Financing Instruments

-      SME, Women Entrepreneurs & Innovators – The EU Perspective