April 2016

 SAC is proud to announce that is has finished its activities in connection with the BACID initiative supported by the Austrian Development Agency and the Austrian Association of Cities and Towns.

 SA Consulting GmbH in cooperation with the Regional Develooment Agency of Zlatibor organized a three-day event on the topic: “Analysis and further Develpment of the Primary Waste Selection at Sanitary Landfill Duboko; other Waste Management Projects in the Zlatibor Region”. The event was carried out in the period from 21. to 23. March, 2016 and took place in Nova Varos, at the Duboko Landfill near Uzice and at the Banjica landfill location. In total the event had around 40 participants.

Introduction speeches at the beginning of the event have been given by the Mr. Dimitrije Paunovic, Mayor of Uzice, Mr. Zlavko Lukic, Director of Regional Agency Zaltibor, Mrs. Dr. Theoman-Brenner, WKO Belgrade and Mr. Gerhard Sabathiel, Managing Director of SA Consulting GmbH. At the opening of the event also the local press was present.

For further information please take a look at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQHXPgszvIg.

The presentations used during the event together with the prepared Report and the Duboko Feasibility Study are attached to this announcement.