March 2015


HPP – Hydro Power Plant in Albania for Sale


SA is pleased to announce the following possibility for investors to participate in the Albanian Hydro Power Market.


SAC works with the current owner identifying possibly investors interested in taking over this power plant.


Please find below some basic information on a small scale hydro power plant in Albania with the following parameters:



Basic Investment Data:


  • Project: Hydro Power Project
  • Total investment cost: EUR 3,11 Mio without VAT
  • Installed Capacity: 2,3 MWe
  • Location: Albania
  • Status: permissions and licenses available and the project is in the construction phase



Basic Technical Data:


  • Connection of the two intakes through pipes with a single desander
  • Water level at first weir: 908 m at second weir: 909 m
  • First pipeline: diameter = 1.1m, length = 698 m
  • Second pipeline: diameter= 1.2m, length = 1203 m
  • Water level in desander = 906 m
  • Channel connecting desander with forebay: L= 1750m, I = 1 %o
  • Waterlevel at forebay = 904.25 m
  • Penstock: diameter 1.4 (GRP), length = 550,
  • Tailrace level 824m
  • Installed capacity: 2270 kW
  • Average annual generation: 9.97 GWh
  • Catchment Area: 59 km²
  • Altitude: 904 & 905 m ( two intakes)
  • Mean altitude of catchment area [m a.s.l.]:   1250
  • Mean rainfall [mm]: 1256
  • Qavg [m3/s]: 2.6



Current Status of the Project


The full documentation is available on request. The Plant is currently under construction with the main dam having been built already. The current owner is ready to sell the project based on a cost plus deal. Price estimation is EUR: 980.000,-.