Global Coverage


Besides the broad expertise of our management team we have built a unique Matrix Organization covering business as well as expert know-how. Our Business Teams are located in various countries ensuring a close to the customer business approach.

• Business and Expert Teams in different countries supporting customers locally

– Headquarters in Vienna
Contact: Mag. Gerhard Sabathiel; Tel. +43 1 9972812-0

– Belgrade (Serbia) and Sarajevo (Bosnia Herzegovina) covering Western Balkans
Contact : M.Sc. Aldin Celovic, MBA; Tel. +38 1655050671, Tel. +38 761544395

– Istanbul (Turkey) covering Turkey and Black Sea Region
Contact: Mr. Asu Ergueler; Tel. +90 5357028387

– Panama City (Panama) covering Central America
Contact: Esteban Ortiz; Tel. +507 211 2878
Contact: Javier Marquez; Tel. +507 211 2878

– Lima (Peru) covering South America
Contact: Dr. Michael Hofer; Tel. +51 998363785

• International Experts Pool securing international expertise and standards