Mag. Sabathiel Mag. Weiler

Mag. Gerhard Sabathiel


Gerhard Sabathiel, General Manager and Member of the Board, has overall management responsibilities for all business aspects of the group. In particular his responsibilities include our business expansion plans, primarily focusing on the strategic enhancement of our market position. His key responsibilities also include all financial aspects and financial advisory services for our customers.

Gerhard Sabathiel has a business experience of more than twenty years in different roles and sectors with a strong focus on the international financial markets. He completed his court service and worked for Freshfilds as a lawyer. After serving as a Managing Director for an international Trading Company spending most of his time in North Africa and the Middle East he moved to Raiffeisen Banking Group in Austria, where he had the Position of Head of International Division with a strong focus on Central- and Eastern Europe. Additionally he was Member of the Supervisory Board of Raiffeisenbank in Prague and the Raiffeisen Office in Italy. Prior to joining SA he had responsibility for the Western Union International Risk Management covering more than 200 countries with a global team from South America to Australia. Last but not least he was a Member of the Board of Western Union International Bank. He has experience from working for Worldbank/IFC on different projects and in various markets. Finally he is well recognized as a speaker at various events covering mainly financial and business topics.

Dr. Andreas Weiler


Being a member of the Board and General Counsel Andreas Weiler oversees all legal as well as compliance topics within our group. He holds a law degree from the University of Innsbruck, where he also served as Assistant Lecturer at the Institute for Commercial Law. Additionally he has a degree in “International and European Relations“ from the University of Amsterdam. Besides German he speaks English, French and Italian.

Mr. Weiler has a broad legal experience from his work with the Government in Tyrol through his time as Associate at Heller Löber Bahn & Partner, Vienna and the work as an independent Attorney in Vienna.

Besides his other responsibilities he is Partner at Weiler & Kohlbacher, Attorneys at Law specialized in Commercial Law /Contracts, Corporate Law/Merger & Acquisition, Intellectual Property and Administrative Law.