Waste to Energy


Inadequate solid waste management (SWM) is one of the biggest environmental problems in emerging markets. Many developing countries face major challenges in solid waste management to ensure compliance with international standards. Successful multi collaborations based on PPP models should encourage them to structure solid waste management on a commercial basis, helping to establish more efficient, sustainable and environmentally sound systems.

However, the international picture regarding solid waste management is quite challenging. Different stakeholders have different objectives. Situations and needs vary widely in the regions between countries, cities and rural areas. In most of the developing countries there is still an urgent need for institutional reform, better financial management and capacity building as authorities often lack the experience and tools to deal with the problem as well as know how on appropriate technologies, financing strategies, the importance of public awareness and community participation.

Due to the rapid economical change waste management in emerging markets will be more closely integrated to the energy and material resource management of the society. This will bring new challenges for the local and regional waste management and collection systems, but at the same time create new business opportunities such as recycling and power generation. As these challenges are typical for solid waste management projects a professional project management will help to define a sustainable strategy to ensure a successful implementation.