Small Scale Hydro


The development of small hydropower projects is a complex task comprising a wide range of fields of expertise from business, engineering, financial, legal and administration. These are all necessary at different stages of the development. We can provide a multi-disciplinary team to handle the whole project with different experts and disciplines regarding project management, technology, financing expertise, risk coverage, partnerships, debt/equity considerations, law and administration offering the below services:

• Evaluation of the topography, geomorphology of the location, water resource and its generating potential

• Final selection of location and basic design

• Preparation of an Environmental Impact Assessment and mitigation measurements

• Economic assessment of the project and financing possibilities incl. full feasibility studies

• Full financial modelling considering equity, debt, partnerships, technology finance support, subsidy possibilities, cash flow projections, cost estimations, project funding

• Selection of local and international partners and executing companies

• Arrangement of project financing

• Assistance in tendering of electromechanical equipment and negotiations with vendors

• Identification of CO² certificates potential under the Kyoto protocol